Starlight Plaza Crew
Species Human
Appearances Turbo
Turbo: F.A.S.T. (Kim-ly only)

The Starlight Plaza Crew are Tito's friends. They all work at Starlight Plaza. Bobby is a Hobby Shop owner, Paz is a Car Mechanic, and Kim-ly is a Manicurist/Pedicurist.



They first appear in Paz's garage, where they are seen doing a snail race. Tito presents them with his new finds: Theo and Chet. After the race, they were astounded to find that Theo is not an ordinary garden snail. This caused Tito to come up with yet another crazy scheme, believing that Theo is the solution to their business problems.

After proving to a small crowd that Theo is the fastest snail in the world, Tito borrows money from the crew in order to register him to the Indy 500. They were reluctant at first, but in the end they gave him the money and even accompanied them to Indianapolis.

The crew was ever supportive of Theo, now called Turbo, even attempting to help during a pitstop. Being humans, they cannot do much for him, which led to Whiplash's crew to take over. During the final lap, their cheers turned to concern as Turbo lost his powers and was almost not able to finish the race. In the end, he managed to defeat Guy, much to the Starlight Plaza crew's relief. After the race, Kim-ly was shown kicking Gagne in the face, and advertising her shop soon after.

Turbo's win made a significant difference in their lives. The Starlight Plaza was now "back on the map": Tito and Angelo's taco business became a huge success; Kim-ly's business boomed, with clients making reservations one after the other; Paz managed to hire two men to help her with the shop; Bobby's shop became popular with kids and snail enthusiasts. However, the crew still enjoy snail races, which were now done on a bigger scale.

Turbo: F.A.S.T.

In Turbo: F.A.S.T., only Kim-Ly appears. She appears in these episodes:

  • "Crazy Fast", in the start of the episode. After Tito and Turbo return from traveling the world, Kim-Ly asks if Tito brought back any souvenirs for her, which Tito responds by giving her a chocolate bar, which makes Kim-Ly think that it is from the airport, but she eats it anyway.
  • Smoovin' on Up


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