Starlight City is a Model City built by Tito as a gift for Turbo. It is inhabited by Turbo's Crew and fans.

Main Spots in Starlight City

Starlight Raceway

Starlight Raceway is Starlight City's Race track. It's home Racer(s) Is The F.A.S.T Crew. Its first Race was the F.A.S.T Crew Vs. Hardcase. The track's Announcer is Mell Shellman.

Pit Lane

The Pit Lane is the house of the F.A.S.T Crew. Enough said.

Starlight City's City Hall

City Hall is in the Downtown Area of Starlight City. It basically is the Mayor's office.

Teen Rec Center

It is the Recreational area for teen snails. Fun fact: In Season 2, it was the most Destroyed building due to the F.A.S.T Crew's adventures.

Tomato Forest

To us, its a Tomato garden, but to the snails, its a forest of tomatoes. It is on the outskirts of Starlight City and a busy Highway.


Note: Districts are areas around Starlight City. This is not said by any of the characters, though I like to put things in districts.

Neighborhood District

The Neighborhood District houses many snails, However, this discludes the F.A.S.T Crew's house, which is in the Raceway District.

City Hall District

Includes the City District and is near:

  • Neighborhood District
  • Raceway District


  • Downtown District

Raceway District


  • Raceway
  • PIT stop

And is near:

  • City Hall District
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