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Gange's Pit Crew

These are other characters in the Turbo Movie


He is in charge of the signal flags.At lap 200,after the crash,he should have raised his red flag,stopping the Race

Gange's Pit Crew

Gange's pit crew are incharge of changing his Car tires and gasoline.Also telling him about Turbo.Near the end of the Race.The Crew cheif yells "Geep,what are you doing"when Gange swervers in the marbles.


He is the announcer of the Indy500 race.

Track Announcer's

They are the ones that make up the news about the race.

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Pace Car

It is the car that leads the other race cars during the race.It was seen 2 times.


Indianapolis 500 pace car model.


They are seen briefly in charge of scorting Tito off the Building and and another is in charge for Entering drivers into the race.

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