This is a list of all of the episodes in Turbo: F.A.S.T..

. Most episodes are two 11 minute episodes together, but "Crazy Fast" and "Turbo Drift" are 23 minute episodes by themselves. Also the first nine episodes were released on December 24, 2013, with the next batch released on April 4th 2014. The third batch was out on June, 27, 2014. There are three seasons. Season 4 has yet to be confirmed.

Season 1 (2013-2014)

Episode No. Episode Name Description Airdate Episode Length
1 Crazy Fast Turbo must become a hero by saving the city from a menacing tiger beetle, named "Hardcase", who has challenged him to a race on a insane, stunt-filled obstacle course. December 24, 2013 22 minutes
2 Dungball Derby White Shadow is invited to compete against his hero, a dung beetle named "Dash Dunghammer", but doesn't realize the contest is fixed. December 24, 2013 11 minutes
3 Ace of Race Turbo must slow down to win the challenge of a gecko lizard, named "Ace Gecko". December 24, 2013 11 minutes
4 Bumperdome After a near-accident, Chet, now as "(the) Danger Chet", enters a dangerous pinball machine race. December 24, 2013 11 minutes
5 Broaches The crew must prevent a gang of sewer-surfing roaches, including "Brahdhi", "Warlarva" and "Jimmy Delaware", from infesting the taco stand. December 24, 2013 11 minutes
6 African Queen The crew is summoned to Africa by a queen of crowd of banana slugs, named "Bananica". December 24, 2013 11 minutes
7 Mega Snails White Shadow is challenged to a match by a gang of three champion sumo-wrestler snails, named "Megazuki", "Sheldaku" and "Yamamori". December 24, 2013 11 minutes
8 Ants Ants Revolution A troop of 9999 fire ants and their queen, named "Invicta", swarm the city and it's up to Burn to race their leader. December 24, 2013 11 minutes
9 Clamsquatch The crew travels to Mississippi for a race in the swamp, but Skidmark goes missing. December 24, 2013 11 minutes
10 Turbo Stinks Birds attack the city on the day Turbo unveils his new signature fragrance. April 4, 2014 11 minutes
11 Snails in Jail A sheriff throws the team in jail until Turbo agrees to throw a race. April 4, 2014 11 minutes
12 A Tale of Two Turbos Turbo searches for an impostor who is pretending to be him all over town. April 4, 2014 11 minutes
13 The Escargot Affair Invited to a fancy dinner party, Turbo discovers that he is on the menu. April 4, 2014 11 minutes
14 Surf'N Turf Sewer cockroaches challenge the team to a surfing contest during a relaxing day at the beach. April 4, 2014 11 minutes
15 Hardcase Returns Hardcase returns and vows to take revenge on Turbo. April 4, 2014 11 minutes
16 Turbo Drift While filming a commercial in Tokyo, a mysterious cricket challenges Turbo to a drift race, while the team explores the city and Chet gets lost. April 4, 2014 22 minutes
17 Ready, Set, Glow Turbo and Skidmark join an underground zip line race to uncover a conspiracy. April 4, 2014 11 minutes
18 Breakneck's Back Whiplash enters the Tomato Games, competing against his former mentor. April 4, 2014 11 minutes

Season 2 (2015)

Episode No. Episode Name Description Airdate Episode Length
1 The Challenge/ Home on Our Own The crew is driving Chet crazy with non-stop bragging, so he challenges them to see who can hold out the longest without racing/ Skid and Shadow are super psyched to watch a Gossip Snail marathon but instead, Clip and Clap seek revenge. July 31, 2015 23 minutes
2 The Mighty Snails/ Silent But Deadly Burn gets busted for toasting the town and when Skid slides in as her lawyer she's sentenced to community service/ when a smelly and deadly stinkbug ninja assassin comes to town to take Turbo out, Shadow works his fierce kung fu moves to defend him. July 31, 2015 23 Minutes
3 Agent Ace/ Smoove As Ice When Chet can't land Turbo's picture on a Flaky's cereal box, Ace takes over as his celebrity agent to boost him from the C-list to fame and fortune/ Smoove falls hard for a snow angel who turns out to be a slug. July 31, 2015 23 minutes
4 The Dissapearing Act/ The sting of Injustice Chet's magic show invitation forces him to decide between a romantic night with Burn or brotherly bonding with Turbo/ a famous superhero makes Turbo his sidekick, but in the end Turbo saves the day and cleans up the costumed hero's messes. July 31, 2015 23 minutes
5 The Treasure of Sierra Marty/ Big Baby Marty takes the crew on a trip down a toilet and booby-trapped tunnel to find lost treasure/ Tito takes off on an epic car chase and the crew discovers that Whiplash is a baby whisperer. July 31, 2015 23 minutes
6 Turboldly Go-Part 1/ Turboldly Go-Part 2 The crew is mistaken for Russian astronauts and stows away on a trip to outer space but go space-crazy and makes a wrong turn trying to get home/ Whiplash turns an old Squeez-E-Cheez can into a makeshift rocket ship. July 31, 2015 23 minutes
7 Crow pox/ Faking Amends A prank leads to the "Crow Pox" for the FAST snails, who make a treacherous climb to find a cure/ Burn and her hippie sister try to end their rivalry July 31, 2015 23 minutes
8 Deuce is wild/ To fire a squire. When Deuce and a new friend pull pranks on the crew, Whiplash goes on a rebellious run to teach them a lesson/ after Turbo saves misfit Buster Moove from being squashed by a semi-truck, he can't stop Buster from serving as his self-proclaimed squire. July 31, 2015 23 minutes
9 Maggatron/ Love Hurts Skid invents a robot that goes crazy and takes over the town and he can't remember how to turn it off/ Turbo falls in love with a praying mantis princess but there's one little problem... she wants to bite his head off. July 31, 2015 23 minutes
10 Ransom of White Shadow/ Kicked out Clip and Clap think White Shadow is a famous movie star and kidnap him for a huge ransom/ Turbo and the crew love Tito's new foosball table but it soon becomes a soccer battle ground between warring members of the critter world. July 31, 2015 23 minutes
11 The day Mell Fell/ Burn's Ex-Boo Mel gets fired as the track's race announcer, but he can't stop himself from announcing everything he sees/ Burn's awesome ex-boyfriend shows up in Turbotown and drives Chet crazy with jealousy. July 31, 2015 23 minutes
12 Tough as snails/ Conspiracy Whiplash will do absolutely anything to prove he's the toughest creature around/ Skidmark tracks down elusive conspiracy nuts to help him rescue the crew who has been abducted by a secret organization. July 31, 2015 23 minutes
13 Groundhog, Stay!/ Gone guys Gone Skid and Shadow hate spring cleaning so much they try to keep a groundhog from seeing his shadow/ Smoove has a different guy for each and every chore he needs done but is lost when no one is around to help him. July 31, 2015 23 minutes

Season 3 (2016)

Episode Number Episode Title Description Airdate Episode


1 Party Poopers/ The League Hard-partying toilet frogs interrupt the team's relaxing vacation/ the gang is obsessed with a Fantasy Racing League. February 5, 2016 23 minutes
2 How to Train Your Titmouse/ The Good, the Bad, the Bugly After bringing down a songbird, Turbo learns to coexist with it/ after getting the sheriff fired, Chet must deal with a new gang of outlaw crickets. February 5, 2016 23 minutes
3 Shell on Wheels/ Keep on Truckin' Shellsworth and Skid compete to complete a railroad to Lake Balboa/ Turbo and Chet protect the cargo while on the road with their trucker snail father. February 5, 2016 23 minutes
4 Deserted Island/ The Dry Spell White Shadow must save his friends when the gang is stranded on a candy-filled island/ Burn takes extreme measures to end her losing streak. February 5, 2016 23 minutes
5 He Got Game Night/ 73 In his desperation to attend a couple-only game night, Turbo invites two/ White Shadow tries to keep a winning streak going. February 5, 2016 23 minutes
6 Crew Detective/ The Whiplash Effect Whiplash interrogates each team member following a heinous crime/ when Whiplash loses his memory, the crew tricks him into being nicer. February 5, 2016 23 minutes
7 Dial M for Mystery/ Turbo Real The team unravels the mystery of the sleeping snail/ tensions arise when the crew gets a reality show. February 5, 2016 23 minutes
8 Best Frenemies/ The Jamaican Jerk Skidmark feels left out when White Shadow and Turbo become best pals/ the crew must fill in for an injured snail bobsled team. February 5, 2016 23 minutes
9 Turbo Does Laundry Part 1/ Turbo Does Laundry Part 2 Turbo's laundry prompts a number of stories/ the crew races to de-fuse a stink bomb before it can explode. February 5, 2016 23 minutes
10 The Ants and the Grasshoppers/ Don't Feed the Troll The crew tries to help grasshoppers who've been wronged by devious picnic ants/ Turbo is targeted by a slanderous Internet troll. February 5, 2016 23 minutes
11 Hawaii Five-No/ The Story of J.J.E.F.F. When Burns wins a free vacation for two, everyone wants to go along/ Hardcase dominates a junior racing league formed by Deuce. February 5, 2016 23 minutes
12 Worst in Show/ Belle of the Gumball Whiplash enters the world of competitive moth showing with his poodle moth/ Chet is named the Handsomest Snail Alive. February 5, 2016 23 minutes
13 137 Hours/ Stalks on a Plane Smoove Move sneaks off on his own to the clubhouse, but finds himself trapped/ the team tries to win a radio-controlled plane. February 5, 2016 23 minutes
14 ThomasTurbo Power Hour Turbo goes on an adventure with Thomas December 30, 2019 23 minutes
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