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Indianapolis 500
Appearances Turbo (film)

The Indianapolis 500 is an Auto-Racing Roster held at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. At lap 200, Gagné swerves into a Marble path, then slides into 2 Cars, triggering a pile up. Turbo won the race, as a result of tucking into his shell, eventually he became the new Indy 500 champion.


Before the race. Turbo was disgraced by his idol Guy Gagné and further disapproved by his brother Chet. The next day, he entered the race, only to tail out in last place, however during a pit stop, Whiplash and his crew give Turbo a short talk about racing like a snail.

Eventually he managed to get into 2nd place after several laps. This angers Gagné, causing him to knock Turbo's shell, weakening his powers, despite this, he continues racing, getting into 1st place, however Gagné desperate to win, swerves into a marble path, causing a 10-car pile-up. Turbo wakes up and realizes his powers are gone.

Meanwhile, Chet, Whiplash and the others come to his aid, telling him to continue, shortly after Gagné recovers and he chases turbo with his damaged car 01. It got stuck in a piece of debris and he tries to crush the snail. Chet yells at turbo to Tuck-and-roll before Gagné could attack, the force pushes Turbo to the finish line, eventually winning the race.


Car 01*

Car 3*

Car 5

Car 6

Car 9

Car 12

Car 29

Car 31

Car 32*

Car 33*

Car 35

Car 37*

Car 40*

Car 41*

Car 42

Car 46*

Car 47*

Car 49

Car 51*

Car 53

Car 54

Car 56

Car 58

Car 60*

Car 61*

Car 63*

Car 65

Car 72

Car 73

Car 74

Car 75

Car 79

Car 81

Car 85

Car 87

* - Involved in final wreck

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