Species Red Snail
Appearances Turbo
Turbo: F.A.S.T.
Turbo Racing League
Turbo: Super Stunt Squad
Voice actor Maya Rudolph (Turbo)
Grey DeLisle (Turbo F.A.S.T.)
Personality Sly, sassy and seductive. She's also caring and has a soft spot for Chet.
Full name Burn
Alias Boo (by Chet)
Occupation Racer
Friends Theo (Turbo), Whiplash, Tito and Angelo, White Shadow, Skidmark, Smoove Move and Chet
Enemies Guy Gagne, Crows
Home Strip Mall
Likes Flirting with Chet, racing, helping her friends, Gum.
Dislikes Chet loving anything else
Quote "I love a man in uniform for REAL!"


Burn (real name Bernice Guzman), is a snail who competes in Tito's after-work snail racing and a member of Whiplash's crew.


Turbo F.A.S.T.

The team's girl power, Burn, is a feisty, hot-blooded adrenaline junkie. Her sarcastic wit and extremely short fuse give her the guts to take on the greatest challenges. She is passionate about everything...especially Chet.


Burn is a rose snail, with yellow eyes; with feminine eyelashes and red lips. Her shell has flame details and the number "61" on it.


The only female in Whiplash's crew, Burn is sly and sassy, hiding her soft side under a hard outer shell. She has no trouble holding on her own, and is often seen chewing gum with her mouth open.To Chet's confusion, she has a crush on him, calling him "Boo" and kissing his cheek. Near the end of Turbo, though, he seems to be more open to her.



Chet is Burn's boyfriend


Burn and Turbo generally get along, and have almost never been at odds with each other. Their both adventurous, share a love for racing and care for Chet's well being.

In Crazy Fast, she and the rest of the crew helps Turbo prepare for his race against Hardcase by showing him how to race on the loop track.

In Karmageddon, when Turbo promises to bring her lots of gum, she asks him to bring asphalt flavor, which is her favorite.

In The Disappearing Act,



Smoove Move

White Shadow

Powers and Abilities


  • Burn is the only female snail that is a racer.
  • She was originally going to be Turbo's love interest, but is Chet's love interest instead.
  • Burn is played by Maya Rudolph who did Rapunzel in Shrek the Third in the film.
  • Her nicknames are "Honey-boo pie", "Sweetie", "Honey", "Baby" and "Boo" by Chet
  • Burn is sensitive to sugar, which makes her insane.


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