Species Snail
Appearances Turbo: F.A.S.T.

Breakneck is an antagonist of Turbo: F.A.S.T.. He appeared in the episode Ace of Race. He first appeared when Chet was in a safety race with Ace Gecko, but Breakneck crossed the road in front of Chet. He later supported Turbo showing how fast he is, but White Shadow saw him taking bets as the only one betting for Turbo while everyone else betted on Ace Gecko, but Ace and Breakneck were working together. Later at the end of the episode Whiplash saw Breakneck and knew that Breakneck was behind all this running off with Ace Gecko. He also appeared in the episode "Breakneck's Back" where it is reviled he was once Whiplash's mentor, and they where both somehow connected until the "incident", according to Whiplash. Also in the same episode he competes against Whiplash in the Tomato Games, but cheats in the last game by replacing his tomato with a rubber ball, so Whiplash wins the tomato games, and a new shell which he decides to wear, but it is reviled that Breckneck entered the games on purpose, so Whiplash would enter and beat him, and wear the new shell so Breakneck could steal his old one, which has a rocket, he tries to escape with Whiplash's shell, but is captured and tossed in jail by Turbo, Smoove Move, Chet, Burn, White Shadow, Skidmark, and Whiplash, he then tells them it is not the last time they see him and that he will have his revenge. Whiplash tells him that he would be coming here every while to remind himself "what a chump looks like."

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