• Tycio


    October 24, 2017 by Tycio

    I am not sure how to describe the girl in the Turbo Drift commercial.

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  • Tycio

    Gagne family

    September 5, 2017 by Tycio

    I wondered if this waa Guy Gagné's wife and daughter. His daughter wanting an autograph and him ignoring her seems in character for him.

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  • JN0816

    A proposal

    July 3, 2016 by JN0816

    Hey there.

    I'm not sure if there's a leader of the turbo wikia, but If there is, they've done a horrible job. In the past month or so, several people have come into this wikia to start adding irrelevant and or innappropriate pages to this wikia. Not only that but someone came in and completely erased the turbo (character) page. People found eventually and fixed it, but not soon enough. What i'm getting at is that you need new leadership on this wikia. I personally know a hell of a lot about turbo and even started an online petition to make a second turbo movie. I'm very dedicated to the whole thing. I've also got a lot of experience editing wikia pages in the past, so I believe I could improve the turbo wikia in ways that are un-imaginable.…

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  • Joseph Lu

    Country Release Dates
    Canada July 17, 2013
    United States July 17, 2013
    Argentina July 18, 2013
    Chile July 18, 2013
    Dominican Republic July 18, 2013
    Greece July 18, 2013
    Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Of People's Republic Of China July 18, 2013
    Peru July 18, 2013
    Portugal July 18, 2013
    Russia July 18, 2013
    Thailand July 18, 2013
    Bulgaria July 19, 2013
    Brazil July 19, 2013
    Indonesia July 19, 2013
    India July 19, 2013
    Mexico July 19, 2013
    Philippines July 19, 2013
    Vietnam July 19, 2013
    Cambodia July 25, 2013
    South Korea July 25, 2013
    Palestine July 19, 2013
    Singapore August 1, 2013
    Romania August 2, 2013
    Taiwan August 2, 2013
    Venezuela August 16, 2013
    Italy August 19, 2013
    Serbia August 22, 2013
    Lebanon August 29, 2013
    Macedonia August 29, 2013
    South Africa Septem…

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  • Backyardiganslooker23

    Hey everyone, I have some great news, a few minutes ago, I saw the full movie on YouTube, although a few parts of the movie had bad quality and was fast forwarded (because of the uploader's camera), it was still nice and cool. For whoever wants to see the full movie, here are the videos.

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  • DonyarktheKungFuMinion

    After watching Turbo (great movie btw), I noticed two things in it that were referncing other Dreamworks movies:

    1. One of the streets Theo crashed onto was named Sherman, this is obviously referncing Mr. Peabody and Sherman, Dreamworks's film next spring.

    2.  When Angelo pointed out the Dos Bros tacos with monkeys, the monkeys had a striking resemblence to the monkeys from Madagascar.  This could mean that Turbo takes place in the same universe as Madagascar (Turbo takes place in L.A, Madagascar's main setting is New York).

    That's all, thanks for reading and please leave an comment! make sure to go see Turbo if you haven't seen it yet!

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