Species Human
Family Tito (brother)
Appearances Turbo

Angelo is the brother of Tito. He works alongside him at the Dos Bros restaurant located at a run down strip mall. He displays dedication to his work as throughout the film he is seen primarily working, while Tito is off trying to do snail races, or something else.

When Tito brings up the idea about the snail he found being entered in the Indy 500 to improve their situation, Angelo immediately says Tito is crazy. Angelo begins describing past ideas of Tito's that he thought were crazy before such as the selling of sushi, having superhero outfits of Tacoman and El Churro, and having monkeys.

When Tito goes off to travel to the Indy 500 against Angelo's wishes, Angelo attempts to call him repeatedly, to the point that Tito's phone's voice mail message box was full by the time the race started.

After the race, Angelo celebrated alongside everyone else, and Tito surprised him with a new advanced talking cooking range.



  • Angelo is similar to Chet, Turbo's older brother, as they both don't agree with their younger siblings.
  • Strangely, despite being the chef, Angelo is never seen wearing a hairnet or gloves when he cooks and prepares tacos, which is against heatlh codes.
  • He is named after the name of the character from Saints Row.
  • He is voiced by Luis Guzmán .



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